Not all imaginations are created equal, and at BE.Kids, we celebrate the power of "world play".  

World play is the extraordinary realm where kids take their make-believe to new heights. It's about creating fully realized imaginary worlds, inhabited by fascinating characters, and rich with imagined systems and cultures.  

While make-believe fades away at the end of the day, world play can last for months or even years. It's the playground of dreams where dolls have passports, languages, and deep convictions. It's where creativity knows no bounds!  

The impact of world play can be profound. Throughout history, imaginative geniuses like the Bronte sisters, Thomas Malkin, and even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have immersed themselves in their invented worlds.  

Research has identified five stages of world play, starting from playing with toys and gradually evolving into the creation of fascinating documents and languages for their imaginary worlds. These stages peak around age 9, fostering creativity, personal growth, and a sense of joy. 🌠 

At BE.Kids, we embrace the power of world play and believe it nurtures imagination, empathy, problem-solving, and analytical skills. It's a fertile ground where future creative minds blossom!  

Parents, you can fuel world play by reading books, telling stories, and engaging in "what if" games. Inspire their imagination by visiting captivating places like museums, gardens, and waterfronts. And most importantly, give them the freedom to explore their creativity with open-ended materials during their unstructured playtime. 🎨 

Watch in awe as your kids dream up incredible worlds and stories beyond your imagination. Let's encourage them to reach for the stars through the limitless power of world play!  

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