BE.yond Numbers

Every kid is unique and grows differently. That's why our clothing is not sized by age but with words of empowerment: A - Amazing, B - Beautiful, C - Confident.

Our sizing innovation is not just about numbers; it's about empowering children to embrace their bodies at every stage of their development.

We have collaborated with experts in child psychology, pediatricians, and fashion designers to create a range of sizes that caters to the diverse needs of growing kids. Our clothes are thoughtfully designed for inclusivity, no matter the age, gender or size.

The Inspiration

Our brand is inspired by a simple yet powerful idea: the need for accurate and inclusive sizing for children between the ages of 6 and 18.

Once our founder's son reached the age of reading, he became self-conscious about the age-based sizing of his clothing not aligning with his actual age. This personal experience sparked a mission to transform the industry and create a positive change.

Uniquely Customized

Our kids are unique and so are our styles. Size A in one style may differ from one style to the next.

Our team of designers and pattern-makers carefully consider the intricacies of each style, fabric composition, design elements, and intended fit when creating each piece.

In order to find the right size for your kid, please use the Find Your Size tool which is customized to recommend the right size for each style.