Kids Clothing Re-Imagined

Founded by a mom of three – BE.Kids was born out of a simple yet profound question from her 6-year-old son: why were his clothes sized by age? This question sparked a journey to revolutionize kids' clothing.

Discovering that most children's apparel lacked the quality and thoughtful design found in adult clothing, our founder delved deeper. Recognizing that standard sizing often overlooked key growth areas, she set out to create a different kind of kids' clothing line.

Determined to defy norms, BE.Kids developed a proprietary sizing system with 10 different sizes, acknowledging the uniqueness of each child and their growth patterns. Our commitment goes beyond just stylish comfortwear – we prioritize fair labor practices, sustainable manufacturing, and fabrics that stand the test of playtime. In 2021, BE.Kids was born, fulfilling the dream of a truly different and empowering kids' wear experience.

BE.Kids is the first kidswear of its kind in the industry . We have redefined kids clothing to be kid centric, with a focus on self-confidence, quality and sustainability.

Our Difference

Customized Sizing

Our exclusive sizing system, featuring 10 extra in-between sizes and an ABC chart (A - Amazing, B - Beautiful, C - Confident), caters to the unique growth journey of each kid.

Tested on kids throughout development, our designs ensure the perfect balance of comfort and style.

Use our "Find Your Size" AI tool for a hassle-free, customized fit across all our styles.

Sustainable & Ethical

We collaborate with prestigious factories known for adult luxury brands, prioritizing quality and transparent fair labor practices.

Our eco-friendly approach includes minimal dyes, meeting Oeko-Tex standards for safe textiles.

Crafted with care in Portugal, our main factories are proudly women-owned and operated.

Our commitment extends to eco-conscious packaging, featuring minimal paper and plantable hangtags, contributing to a cleaner world.

Bold & Versatile Style

Classic, luxurious comfortwear designed for versatility

Interchangeable colors and styles seamlessly transition from special occasions to everyday play, providing wardrobe options that grow with your kid

Thoughtfully reinforced in specific high-growth areas, our styles are as resilient as the kids who wear them

Premium Quality

Prioritizing organic, GOTS Certified, and Oeko-Tex
standards whenever possible, our commitment to premium quality materials is unwavering

Experience durability with top-quality, ultra-soft fabrics, subtle belt/button adjustors, and sensory-friendly designs.

Say goodbye to traditional tags with our paperless tags, customized for the ultimate comfort feel