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Your new favorite cozy oversized sweater for everyday wear. The BE Crew sports a unisex, oversized fit. Made for stylish comfort and room to grow. Exceptional quality. Handmade in Portugal.

Customized Sizing

Say goodbye to standard sizing! Discover the perfect fit with our range of 10 sizes, tailored to suit every child.

Effortlessly find your size using our "Find Your Size" AI tool, designed specifically for each style, making the process a breeze.


Our commitment to quality extends beyond esthetics; it's a dedication to delivering a sweater that not only looks exceptional but stands up to the rigors of everyday adventures.

  • Handmade in Portugal: Meticulously crafted for a unique and high-quality piece.

  • Reinforced Material Along the Sides:
    Ensures a lasting and flattering fit, designed to withstand the test of time.


Designed for an oversize unisex fit, this crewneck sweater is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Customized with dropped sleeves and reinforced sides, it ensures a flattering fit with ample room for growth. The solid colors feature the empowering "BE" with a question mark, inspiring kids to embrace their unique aspirations.

Unisex Oversize Fit:

  • Ribbed collar, cuff and hem
  • Long sleeve
  • High density "BE" graphic on solid colors
  • Reinforced sides


Premium French Terry Knit (285GSM)

Extra-soft and structured loopback fabric, knitted in Portugal.

100% Organic Cotton:

  • Ultra-soft and resilient fabric
  • Enhanced natural breathability
  • Loopback structure guarantees warmth without inducing sweat
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin